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Exchange DAG Maintenance - cluster.exe issue (5058)

Today, on a DAG maintenance of an Exchange 2016, I ran into the problem that after executing the script StopDagServerMaintenance.ps1 a warning was displayed.

Call-ClusterExe: cluster.exe did not succeed, but 5058 was not a retry-able error code. Not attempting any other servers. This may be an expected error by the caller.

After a little troubleshooting I found that after running the scripts StartDag ServerMaintenance.ps1, the cluster node has not been paused and in the StopDagMaintenance.ps1 script, this will be checked and reseted so the cluster node is up again - what causes an error.

I will show you the problem and how I (and you too) could fix it.

Note: You need to always run the Exchange Management Shell as administrator.

After I got the problem, I looked at the script more closely and found that Microsoft has set a $false for the pauseClusterNode instead of a $true.

I have changed this to $true and saved the script.

Note: To do this, run the PowerShell ISE as administrator and open the script.

I then executed the script again and checked the state using Get-ClusterNode and now the cluster node was paused.

Now, when I run the StopDagServerMaintenance.ps1 script, the error no longer occurred.

Enjoy and take care!

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