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snom m9 - How to use it with Skype for Business

Updated: May 3, 2019

Maybe someone still has an old snom m9 or m9r DECT and does not want to throw it away, but rather connect with the Skype for Business Server.

snom m9

This days, I've had a customer who also wanted to use his snom m9 DECT phones with the new installed Skype for Business Infrastructure.

So I've searched the internet and tested out some configurations, because the snom m9 isn't certified for Skype for Business (but not certified does not mean that it does not work).

What I can say is, that you need to configure and use the snom m9 inside the company network.

So now to the steps and inputs you need for the configuration of your old but good snom m9 DECT to use it with Microsoft Skype for Business or Lync.


You need to log in via WebGUI on the base station.

Default user: admin

Default password: password

Note: If you don't now the password, you can reset the base station to factory by typing **0000** on the connected Handset.

Then go to Maintenance and type in the URL to download (Upload) the latest Firmware for the Snom M9 to the base station.

For EU/US with languages English, German, French, Spanish and Italian, use

For Eastern Europe/Scandinavian with languages English, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Slovenian, Danish, Estonian, use

After the upload finished, you need to restart the base station by clicking on Reboot.

If the base station is available again, log in and go to the Time/Language section to fill in the NTP Server and also the region. You need to reboot the base station after saving this settings to take effect on handsets.

After the reboot, you need to update also the firmware on your handset.

For that, take your handset and click the middle (menu) button (little round button), go to settings --> handset --> FW Update and then put the handset into the charging station.

Now you are ready to configure the identity for Microsoft Lync / Skype for Business.

In the Security section on the WebGUI, change the Certificate Policy to Don't validate certificates.

At the Identity 1 (or which you want to configure), select Account and fill in the settings below:

Identity active: ON

Server Type: Microsoft Lync Server 2010

Display Name: Your name for the display on the handset (e.g. Adrian Dolder)

Account: Name in front of the @ on your SIP-Address (e.g. a.dolder)

Registrar: SIP-Domain (e.g.

Outbound Proxy: Skype for Business Frontend address with prefix sip:, port and transport encryption (e.g.;transport=tls)

Authentication Name: DOMAIN\USERNAME

Password: Your Active Directory password

Password (repeat): same as password :-)

Mailbox: this will be filled out automatically after the identity is registered with Lync / Skype for Business

Now you need to configure also the SIP on this identity.

RTP Encryption: ON

Offer ICE: ON

Under Handset, chose on which handset the identity should be configured.

Note: You can configure multiple handsets with the same identity, so that calls ring on all handsets.

OPTIONAL: It is also possible to configure multiple identity on one handset. To use that, you need to configure also the Allow Line Switching in the Behavior section and set it to ON.

After you have configured all and saved the identity, you can check the Status page in the section Registration.

If the configuration is correct, you should see the value 200 OK on the Value column.

If you see the defined Display Name on the handset - WELL DONE!

NOTE: If you want to be on the presence status do not disturb, you can do it directly on the handset.

Click the middle (menu) button, go to Preferences, select DND and then Activate. Your presence status in the Skype for Business Client changes immediately to do not disturb.

It is also possible to see the call history by clicking directly on the Chist on the handset (home screen).

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

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