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Problem installing the Citrix Online Plug-in on Windows 10 (Citrix Receiver on Windows)

The last days I had some troubles with my own Windows 10 Enterprise when I wanted to start a Citrix Desktop in Internet Explorer (also in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox).

I always became an "Error" similar to this:

I have tested to uninstall the Citrix Receiver and all it's components. Rebooted my client and installed the new version from Nothing changed.

Then I have made a reset of the Internet Explorer, clear all cache files - but yeah, nothing changed, the error still persist and I cannot open any Citrix Desktop.

The problem there is, that the Online Plug-in cannot be installed because of missing ICAWebWrapper.msi.

So where can we find this msi file?

It is much easier than expected.

Open an command prompt as admin and go to the folder, where you have store the CitrixReceiver.exe and type the following to extract all msi files to a folder named Extract.

For Receiver 4.x and newer:

CitrixReceiver.exe /extract [Destination_name_of_folder_extract, e.g. C:\temp]

After you have extracted the msi files, you can then use Browse on the popup and chose the ICAWebWrapper.msi file. Click OK on the popup to install the Online Plug-in.

Now you are able to start a Citrix Desktop! Enjoy!

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